Pixiephone | FREE Glockenspiel VST (kind of)

A free glockenspiel-type VST instrument.

Pixiephone - a free glockenspiel VST for Kontakt

About 15 years ago I went to a car boot sale with my (now) wife, Debs, and we stumbled upon a brightly coloured metallophone called the "Pixiephone" - a vintage musical toy from the 1950s.

I want this in my life

I played it by flicking my fingers on it and immediately fell in love with it and paid £5 to take it home. I have since used it on countless short film scores and pieces of music used in numerous advertising campaigns.

in 2017, I decided to sample it being played by 5 different mallets; a rubber percussion beater, the handle of that same beater, a timpani mallet, a drum stick, and one of Debs' hairclips.

This is what was created.

I want this in my life